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            E-MAIL:irlnei@126.com                     TEL:0417-3188313
                  Liaoning eternity  industrial co., LTD., formerly known as yingkou eternal industrial co., LTD., was established in May 2009 and changed into a joint stock limited company in March 2015. Located in the "magnesium capital of the world" known as the yingkou big stone bridge city, the company is next to the high iron, the plate-iron "yingkou east station"; Shenyang high speed, pan haiying expressway "yingkou, tai shi qiao station"; It is only 20 minutes from yingkou lanqi airport......
            2009 Yingkou eternity industrial co., LTD
            2010 China national offshore oil company was founded
            2011  We designated the asphalt supplier for the liaoning provincial transportation department
            2012  It was included in the top 100 enterprises in yingkou district
            2013  Qiaokou road gas station co., LTD. Was established
            2015  The whole changed to a limited company, liaoning eternal industrial co., LTD. The company successfully listed new third board, stock code: 532932
            Tel:0417-3188315  0417-3188313           E-mail:irlnei@126.com
            ContactMs. Chen                                  Fax:0417-3188315